Thinking of taking up exercise? 5 items you need for a smooth workout

smooth workout

Beginnings are the hardest, so the first time you decide to start working out might turn out to be harder than you think. The key is to stay motivated and focused, but it’s also important to have the right equipment. Here are the 5 things any person who wants to get in shape should have at their disposal.

1. Comfortable shoes

A good and fun way to lose weight is to go jogging. It’s great cardio, you can do it with your friends and it’s basically free. It goes without saying though that you will need to invest in a good pair of sport shoes.

Don’t settle for cheap ones, because the poor quality fabric and manufacturing may lead to blisters, sprains and soreness. Instead, choose a pair of shoes specially designed for running that fit you comfortably and make your running experience a joy.

2. A yoga mat

If you prefer to work out at home rather than going to the gym, you absolutely need a yoga mat. Make sure you get one that is sturdy, but flexible and soft, so that it provides adequate protection for your elbows, knees and spine. Roll it up nicely after you’re done and clean it thoroughly after each workout.

3. Light weights

A set of light weights is a good addition to any workout programme. A couple of 2-4 kg dumbbells will provide variation in your routine and give you an extra challenge. If you like to go jogging or biking, you could get a couple of ankle weights which will make your workout more intense.

4. Cotton sports attire

Avoid tight synthetic clothes when working out, because they prevent the skin from breathing and you might wake up with unpleasant rashes.

The most important thing when exercising is to feel comfortable and to be able to move freely. A pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt or a tank-top are all you need, but you might also consider a jockstrap or a sports bra for extra protection and support, depending on the kind of workout you choose.

5. A bike or rollerblades

Going rollerblading or riding a bike not only make for great cardio, but they’re also really fun and relaxing. Instead of taking a nap in front of the TV, grab a friend and go for a ride in the park. It will help you build stamina for more challenging workout programmes, such as Zumba or Spinning.

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