The sure-fire way to glowing skin – a 5-step beauty plan, according to experts

beauty plan
A person’s face is their most recognisable trait, and more often than not, it’s what constitutes our identity in the eyes of others. Your face reflects who you are as much as a resume does, which is why it’s so important to properly take care of it. Follow this 5-step routine as suggested by beauty experts and enjoy a glowing, healthy complexion.


Studies have shown that people who have improper or sloppy oral hygiene also tend to look and feel more tired during the first half of the day. Brushing your teeth in the morning isn’t enough. Various toxins and bacteria accumulate on your teeth and cheeks overnight, which cause the so-called “morning breath”.

Many toothbrushes are equipped with a tongue scraper, but you can also buy it separately, and use it each morning. Don’t forget the mouthwash, which will prevent the formation of plaque and cavities.


In the morning, on an empty stomach, drink a glass of alkaline still water in small sips. Then drink a fresh glass of pomegranate juice and wait 15 minutes before having breakfast.


In the morning wash your face with a gentle cleanser (look for ones marked hypoallergenic or for sensitive skin) then rinse and pat dry with a soft, clean towel.

As most of us have combination skin, and since your moisturizing needs are different in the summer and in the winter, you will need two face creams: a rich dry skin-friendly one and a lighter gel or mousse formula for the oilier areas. Make sure they don’t contain fragrances, artificial colouring agents, irritants or comedogenic substances.

The rich formula is suited for winter use, as well for the eye, neck and cleavage area. Look for opaque, airless containers, which will prevent air, sunlight and moisture from altering the active ingredients. For oily skin, you can also opt for an alcohol-free, moisturizing toner, but you do not need both.

Use a gentle makeup remover and use cotton pads and circular movements to remove your makeup. You can also use a cotton pad dipped in toner to clean away any leftover product, or you can just rinse your face with lukewarm water.
You don’t actually “need” night cream, but if you’re using retinol-based products, or treatments for acne or hyperpigmentation, it’s best to apply them in the evening.


Once a week, massage your face with a slice of fresh pineapple (it has similar effects to a light enzymatic peel) then rinse, tone and apply a mask fit to your complexion and the season. For instance, a honey and olive oil-based mask is better suited for dry complexions and during the winter, while a clay and lemon juice mask works best for oily skin or during the summer.


Every once in a while, like once every three months, you can pamper yourself with a professional cosmetic treatment, involving vitamin masks, antioxidant or purifying treatments, facial massage, as well as steam-baths and extractions for those struggling with blackheads or whiteheads.

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