Taking care of your skin is easier than you thought! The only 3 products you need for healthy, young-looking skin

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We all want our skin to keep that youthful glow for as long as possible, so we often go to great lengths when it comes to skincare. But regardless of what cosmetic companies want you to believe, you don’t need 10 different products and hours spent in the bathroom to make that happen. Just use these 3 items every day, and you will have fresh and glowing skin in no time.


Our faces go through a lot during one day: dust, dirt, sweat, and let’s not forget all that makeup. Mixed with sebum and a little hormonal action, all of this can lead to some nasty breakouts and to rough, dry and dull skin.

Regardless of your skin type, you should use a gentle cleanser, that won’t strip your skin completely and aggressively of its natural protective barrier. If you have dry skin, you may benefit from a cream-cleanser, which has moisturizing agents in its composition, such as glycerol or natural oils. If you have greasy skin on the other hand, choose a gel or foam cleanser, which have a lighter texture.

Don’t wash your face more often that two times a day and after you rinse with lukewarm water, use a clean towel to dab away the moisture. Don’t rub or tug too hard, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin.

Moisturizer with SPF

Moisturized skin is beautiful skin, as we all know. But especially during the warm season, it’s absolutely imperative that we wear sunscreen too, because sun damage is the primary reason for premature aging.

But why use two products when you can use just one? Look for a good moisturizer with UV protection already in it; if you go for a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer, you can forget about your foundation too!

If you’re going to be out in the sun, make sure you apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen on your face, neck, chest and shoulders, if they are exposed. Use a zinc oxide-based powder and you’re all set!

Antioxidant serum

Antioxidants, such as retinol, vitamin C and Q10 coenzyme are essential to the skin, as they protect against premature aging and reverse the damage done by free radicals. You may find day-creams with SPF and antioxidants, but keep in mind that most antioxidants are, ironically enough, sensitive to light.

It’s preferable that you apply an antioxidant-rich serum gel or oil at night, as the skin absorbs the active ingredients better when you’re asleep.

If you follow these 3 essential steps, eat right and keep up a healthy lifestyle, the beautiful skin you’ve been dreaming about won’t be too far along.

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