Sleep on it – tips on getting a good night’s sleep

getting a good night’s sleep
Do you already feel tired after you’ve just woken up? Do you have a hard time falling asleep because you just can’t seem to get comfortable? Granted, not being able to rest properly may also be due to stress or bad eating habits, but have you ever thought that maybe you’re using the wrong “equipment”? Read below and find out whether your mattress, pillow or sleeping position are responsible for your restless sleep.

The mattress

If your mattress is over 10 years old, you should think about getting a new one. Mattresses don’t live forever and they tend to become welcome mats for bacteria, so you should change it every 5-10 years (depending on its quality). You should also watch out for loose springs, gaps, signs of wear and tear, which can make your sleep quite uncomfortable.

Moreover, if you’re overweight or tend to spend more time in bed (TV, reading, writing, etc.), you should change your mattress sooner to prevent back pain and protect your spine.

The pillow

The pillow you sleep on is very important for the quality of your sleep. A pillow that’s too small, too big, too soft or too hard can cause neck pain, stiff shoulders and a restless, agitated sleep.

Make sure your pillow supports your head, as well as your neck, and change your pillow cover regularly: the pleasant fresh smell will help you sleep better.

Your sleeping position

Most people tend to sleep on their belly or on their side and some complain they can’t fall asleep in any other position.

Sleeping on your tummy can cause your back to arch in an uncomfortable way, while sleeping on your side twists your spine and puts pressure on your joints. Sleeping on your back isn’t great either, because the angle created between your neck and spine can lead to neck pain and even migraines.

The best thing you can do for your back is to get a body pillow. You can also use your blanket to create a buffer between your arms and legs, relieving the tension in your lower back. This position makes sure your spine is properly aligned, and the sense of comfort promotes relaxation and helps you sleep better.

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