Shape up and slim down! Pick up the pace with 4 simple cardio exercises

Even with a healthy lifestyle, shaking off those extra pounds may prove to be a challenge. If you really want to get in shape and stay that way, you need a more targeted physical activity. Try these 4 cardio exercises that will have your heart pounding and your extra pounds dropping.


Jogging is an easy and effective way to lose weight. You can take a friend with you, or your dog, listen to music, take in the scenery and burn off calories, all at the same time.

Pick an area you like around your neighbourhood or a nice park, with large alleys, grab a pair of comfortable sport shoes and start running. You will not only burn fat, but you will improve your breathing and cardiovascular activity.


If music is one of your hobbies and you enjoy grooving to it at parties, why not turn it into a workout? Dancing is a great all-round cardio exercise, because it requires all your muscles, depending on the intensity and type of dance.

Try combining aerobic movements with some feel-good perky music when you’re at home, and cut loose on the weekends when you go out to your favourite club.


Get in touch with your inner child and get yourself a jump-rope. Hop your way to a supple figure, firm butt and slim legs, by jumping for at least 15 minutes everyday.


This “exercise” is actually the best thing you can do for your thighs and buttocks. Climbing the stairs at a brisk pace will elevate your heart rate, burn calories and tone your legs and glutes.

Give up the elevator and take the stairs instead, whenever you can: in your building, at work, on the subway, and so on.

Keep this up, cut down on fat and sugar, and with a little determination and commitment you will have the figure you want in no time.

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