Keep it cool! Six beauty products which would be better off in the fridge

anti-acne products
According to dermatologist Debra Jaliman, there are certain cosmetic products which are best to be kept in the fridge. Here are the products and the reasons why it is recommended to store them at cool temperatures.

Eye cream

If when you wake up in the morning, your eyes feel swollen, the solution is simple: keep your eye cream in the refrigerator. The cool temperature will help the bags under your eyes shrink down faster and by contracting the blood vessels, it will reduce swelling.

Nail polish

Sunlight and high temperatures can make nail polish thicker and sometimes even alter its colour. By keeping it in the fridge, you will make sure that the consistency stays nice and smooth and the colour remains uniform and vibrant for longer.


Certain chemicals in perfume will start to decompose and alter the fragrance if frequently exposed to sunlight and heat. Especially during summer, keep your most beloved bottles of perfume in dark, cool places.


If you use the same lipstick everyday, it probably doesn’t get a chance to spoil before you run out and buy a new one. But if you switch between lipsticks a lot, and you know there are some you don’t use for weeks, you might consider putting them in the fridge. Just like perfume, some chemicals in lipstick decompose in time, and with them, your favourite shade of peach, pink or red.

Liquid make-up

Mascara, liquid eyeliner, foundation, all things liquid should be stored in a cool place, if you want them to remain fresh and easy to apply, especially in the summertime. Foundation tends to get clumpy and change its colour if exposed to sunlight, while mascara and eyeliner may no longer adhere as well.

Anti-acne products

Some substances in anti-acne medicine are extremely sensitive to sunlight and high temperatures. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about the ones you are using, or read the label carefully to find out if they should be kept in the fridge. Remember that some medical products may lose their efficiency altogether if stored improperly.

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