How many calories you burn in a day – 5 daily activities that help you lose weight without even knowing it! (part 2)

How many calories you burn in a day
In part 1, we talked about how many calories you burn in a day through mundane tasks, such as cleaning or shopping. Part 2 covers 5 more daily activities which use up energy and help you stay in shape. Find out below how many calories you burn in a day by…

Playing with your little one(s)

When we say “little ones”, we refer to any little troublemakers you might have in your house – this includes both children and pets (goldfish and tarantulas probably don’t count). Spending time playing and taking care of them isn’t just fun and rewarding – it can also be quite the workout. Throwing a ball around, giving them a bath, grooming them, feeding them, changing them – all of these burn calories, and bring joy to everyone in the house. Joining your little ones for an hour of playtime can help you burn up to 100 calories, so give them the attention they deserve.


Eating healthy isn’t always fun, especially since you have to spend more time in the kitchen than you’d like. But the good part is that while you’re slicing and dicing, blending and mixing, you’re actually using up some of the energy you’ll get from that meal. One hour of cooking can burn up to 70 calories, more if you’re multitasking or moving around a lot.


Making out isn’t just for teenagers – physical affection not only improves your general mood and builds intimacy with your partner, but you can make it into an actual workout. A passionate, active session of smooching can burn up to 60 calories in an hour, more if you include petting and rolling around. Try new positions and think sexy thoughts – this will amp up your heart rate and make you burn even more.


When walking from point A to point B just isn’t feasible, driving can be a not too shabby substitute. While riding the bus or taking the subway does next to nothing, driving a car for an hour can burn about 68 calories. That being said, you should always be a responsible driver – don’t drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel, and don’t perform other activities that could distract you while driving, such as talking on the phone, drinking coffee or smoking.

Desk work

Even if you have a sedentary job, which involves sitting at a desk, writing or using the computer, don’t despair – you’re burning calories just by reading this article! In fact, an hour of desk work, such as typing, studying or writing can burn up to 54 calories. Multiply that by the number of hours you spend at work everyday, and you’ve really got something!

Note: The values provided in this article are for a person weighing 150 lbs – a person who weighs less will burn less, and a person who weighs more, will burn more. How many calories you burn in a day also depends on your age, sex, and metabolism.

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