Happiness is beauty – 5 tips to feel better about yourself

tips to feel better
We’ve been talking a lot about how to get glowing skin, shiny hair and a healthy good looking figure, but deep down you know true beauty comes from the inside.

The way you see and think about yourself is ultimately how others will perceive you, so make sure you feed them the right information. Here are 5 simple tricks to instantly boost your spirits and make you feel more confident and beautiful.

1. Perk yourself up

Take the saying “rise and shine!” literally and start your day feeling happy. Pick the perkiest, most feel-good song you know, play it LOUD and just do your thing. Dance, sing, jump around, do whatever you like and feel good while doing it.
That way you’ll leave the house feeling you can take on the world.

2. Sexy lingerie

Even if it’s just a regular day, you’d be surprised the difference a set of sexy lingerie can make for your confidence. Sure, no one other than you knows it’s there, but you and Victoria know having this little secret can make you feel sexy and beautiful, even if you’re just riding the bus or sitting at your desk.

Also, consider getting some seductive negligees and nightgowns for when you go to bed, even if it’s by yourself. Because once you start thinking of yourself as attractive and sexy, so will others.

3. Know your size

So you’ve gained a few pounds – no need to despair or stop eating. As we grow older, our metabolism slows down, making it easier to put on weight. If that’s the case, don’t fret too much over it and embrace yourself the way you are.

Instead of hiding inside baggy sweaters or living in denial and trying (to no avail) to squeeze into your old jeans, get clothes that actually fit. It seems self-evident, but knowing your size can go a long way for your body image. Clothes that fit you and hug your curves comfortably can change the way you see yourself in an instant, so don’t underestimate the power of a flattering piece of clothing.

4. Smile

People who smile are generally considered more attractive, because they come off as friendly and confident. Start by smiling at yourself in the mirror when you’re doing your hair or putting on your jewellery, smile at children who cross your path, smile at the doorman, the mailman, the receptionist, smile while you’re writing a text or talking on the phone (people can actually hear the difference!). Smiling and laughing trigger the release of “happy” hormones, so abuse it to your heart’s content.

Also, people are empathetic creatures, so if you smile, the people around you will feel compelled to do the same. This will subconsciously convince you that they enjoy your company, which should make you feel pretty good about yourself.

5. Set aside some “silly” time

If by day you are a mature, level-headed adult, make sure that by night you make some time for your inner child.

Play a game, indulge in guilty pleasures like cartoons, silly romantic comedies or magazines, play dress-up with your old dolls, paint your nails in a really funny colour, dance around naked, do karaoke (even if you’re tone deaf), and don’t feel the least bit embarrassed when you find that you’re enjoying yourself.

Allow yourself to be silly, childish and carefree, at least for a few moments, and feed on the energy that gives you. Don’t let yourself forget that mirrors and scales can only say so much about who you are, and whoever that is, know that it’s someone you should be proud to be.

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