Hair removal methods, the bottom line – which one is suitable for you? (part II)

hair removal methods

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3. Epilator

The epilator is a somewhat old school method, but it’s still widely used, especially with all the innovations and fancy new gadgets you can now find in stores everywhere. The mechanism basically consists of a wheel covered in small tweezers than spins, griping and pulling the hairs from the root. The classic ones need to be plugged in, but newer models also have versions that work on batteries.


  • It’s effective

Because it rips the hair from the root, it gives you longer lasting results than the cream or the razor. Newer models are even claimed to get rid of the tiny        hairs against which wax is ineffective.

  • It’s portable

You can use it in the comfort of your own home, but it can also easily fit in a bag when you want to go on vacation, which can be a lifesaver at times.


  • It’s an investment

It’s definitely the most expensive hair removing tool, but if you take care of it and if it’s of good quality, it will last you for years.

  • It’s a long winded process

In order for it to be effective, you have to go nice and slow, with steady motions, which will realistically waste about an hour just on your legs.

  • It’s painful

You do get used to it in time, but unlike wax, the pain when using an epilator is constant, because it rips fewer hairs at a time. This makes it less suitable for sensitive spots like the bikini line and the underarm area, where, even after long term usage, you might still experience inflammation and bleeding.

4. Depilatory cream
The depilatory cream is a rather new addition, which has quickly become very popular due the variety of products and its renowned painlessness. The chemicals in it basically dissolve the hair, leaving behind a smooth and soft surface.


  • It’s completely painless

There’s no ripping, no burning, no bleeding, no bruising and the experience isn’t at all traumatic for the skin, except for sensitive and reactive skin which might not do so well with this method.

  • It’s quick

All you have to do is spread it in a thin layer wherever you want it, wait 10 minutes and rinse. If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to run the risk of red bumps and irritation, this is definitely the way to go.


  • It doesn’t last

The effectiveness rate of the cream is about the same as that of the razor, namely 1-2 days tops (if you’re lucky and don’t suffer from OCD), because it only affects hair above skin surface. It might also prove somewhat ineffective against very coarse hair, such as the one in the bikini area.

  • It’s expensive

The content of a tube will only allow you to do both your legs 2-3 times, and given that it only lasts a couple of days, you’ll end up spending a lot more than you would on waxing.

5. Razor

Probably the most common and most comfortable tool for most women, the razor has been around for a long time. The expression “shaving your legs” rings more of a bell than “waxing your legs” does, and a lot of women prefer it because it’s quick and cheap.


  • It’s cheap

It is the cheapest and most accessible of all hair removal methods, since you can find razors at any boutique and use them until the blade goes dull. You should replace it every month or so, though, because with a duller blade you will be tempted to apply more pressure which may lead to irritation.

  • It’s quick

All you need to do is lather your skin in soap or shaving cream, snip-snip, and you’re done! It doesn’t hurt at all either, so you can use it on any area you like, but be careful when you use a fresh blade, especially around your knees and ankles.


  • It doesn’t last

Shaved legs will only remain smooth for about a day (if that), so unless you’re willing to do this everyday, you’re better off investing a bit more in a more long-lasting method.

  • Promotes ingrown hairs

Shaved hair will tend to grow back flat, rather than pointy, which makes it harder for it to emerge to the surface. It will instead swirl inside the pore or grow sideways under the skin, leading to unsightly and painful red bumps. You can try and keep this under control by exfoliating thoroughly before and a couple of hours after shaving.

Remember that none of these methods are miracle workers, none of them are completely flawless, so make sure you take your pick with realistic expectations in mind. Furthermore, don’t let that one hair that escaped your razor this morning distract you from feeling as gorgeous as you should.

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    Kristi May 3, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    Best I have ever used is the epilator electric Karmin 😉

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