Get in shape for Valentine’s Day – 5 simple exercises to try with your partner

exercises to try with your partner
You know what they say, couples that work out together, stay together. True or not, getting in shape is much easier with a partner, because you can motivate and support each other – plus, it will strengthen your relationship and naturally, you’ll both have fun.

Working out on your own can be a bit tedious if you’re not a sports enthusiast, but doing it with your partner can make it more motivating and entertaining. Here are 5 simple couple exercises you can try at home:

The shoulder-touch plank

Both you and your partner should get into a front plank position, resting on your forearms. Take one of your arms and keeping it nice and straight, rest it on your partner’s corresponding shoulder. Hold the position for 10 seconds, then switch arms.

Keep your hips parallel to the ground and don’t lean forward as you stretch out your arm. Keep your abs engaged and don’t forget to breathe and smile at each other.

The human leg press

For this exercise, one of you will have to lie on the floor and support the other one’s back with your feet. This is a great work out for your legs and buttocks, but it’s also a great way to build trust between partners.
Collaborative squats

While standing face to face, cross your arms and then grab your partner’s arms as you slowly sit in your imaginary chair, in the typical squat position. Sit up straight, try not to bend forward, keep your feet flat on the ground and most importantly, trust your partner’s hold.

2 in 1: sit-ups and push-ups

This one is easy: one of you lies on their back with their knees bent and does sit-ups (or simple crunches, if you prefer), while the other one does triceps push-ups using their partner’s knees for support.

Keep your muscles tight and perform the movements nice and slow; if you’re the one doing push-ups, keeping your knees slightly bent will make your job easier, while stretching them out will make the exercise more difficult.

Suspended push-ups

This one sounds more complicated than it is: basically one of you (usually the man) does normal push-ups, while the other one does the same, but while propping their legs up on their partner’s back. This exercise is just as taxing for the person on top as for the one on the bottom, so make sure you warm up well before this one.

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