Do it like a dude! Fitness tips from male trainers

Fitness tips
Both men and women like to stay fit, so you can see all kinds of people at the gym, doing their own thing. Men tend to focus more on building muscle-mass, while women prefer to slim down and keep their curves. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things we can learn from our fellow men when it comes to working out safely and efficiently.

Protect your back

When lifting weights above your head it is important to squeeze your glutes nice and tight. That way, your butt-muscles will get extra-attention and your spine will be safe from any injury. Also, remember to maintain a natural arch in your back when working out.

Relax your hips

When exercising, make sure you keep your feet flat on the ground, don’t stand on your toes or dig your heels in. If you don’t maintain proper balance on your feet, your hip muscles will end up overstrained.

Work efficiently

When lifting weights, it’s important to know what you want: lighter weights at a faster pace, with multiple repetitions work best for toning and definition, whereas if you want more muscle mass, you should lift heavier weights, with fewer repetitions. If you’re a beginner, make sure you first learn the correct form and posture, and then move up to heavier weights.

Also, don’t go overboard and take a day-off between workouts; that way, muscles have time to recover and you’ll avoid any subsequent soreness.

Exercise regularly

Whether you choose to go to the gym three times a week or work out at home for 20 minutes everyday, set up a routine and stick to it. Being disciplined and organized about your schedule will make it much easier to push through the pain and get the body you want.

Breathe correctly

The worst set-back you can have when working out comes from not breathing right. If you don’t control your breathing, you’ll get tired much faster and overstrain your heart and lungs.

When exercising, you should always practice abdominal breathing, in order to prevent discomfort, dizziness and get the most out of your exercises. For best results, make sure you breathe in when relaxed and breathe out when flexing, even though it may feel counterintuitive.

Wear the right shoes

The type of shoes you wear when exercising really does make a difference, especially for running and power-walking. Invest in a good pair of sport shoes, with emphasis on good quality material and comfort.

Drink a protein shake after a workout

Your body needs extra protein when building muscle mass, so make sure you follow-up with a protein shake after every workout session.

Use whatever recipe you prefer, so long as you keep the recommended proportion of 10 grams proteins, 7 grams carbohydrates and 3 grams fat.

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