DIY natural beauty – 3 benefits of the famous yoghurt mask

natural yoghurt mask
Homemade masks are not only fun to make, but they may also prove more effective than commercial products, which often use cheap “fillers”, rather than actually useful ingredients. Learn below the benefits of making your own yoghurt mask!

Prevents premature aging

Yoghurt contains lactic acid, a delicate exfoliating agent, which is often used in AHA facial peels. It softens the dead skin layers, helping your skin renew itself faster.

A simple 20 minute yoghurt mask once a week will leave you with smooth, glowing, fresh-looking skin; you can add a bit of honey to the mix for a moisturizing boost.

Alleviates acne

Due to its lactic acid content, yoghurt can help alleviate and prevent the appearance of comedones, which are caused by dead skin cells clogging the pores. Lactic acid also prevents the growth of certain bacteria, helps regulate your skin’s pH, and soothes inflammation and redness ensuing from pimples.

Apply fresh yoghurt to the affected areas using a cotton pad, and leave it on for at least 20 minutes; repeat 3 times a week.

Reduces hyperpigmentation

Those unpleasant brown spots, caused by sun damage or age can be a nuisance, especially since there is not much you can do to get rid of them.

The lactic acid in yoghurt can help rebalance skin pigmentation, through a gentle bleaching effect. Simply apply yoghurt on the affected areas for 40-45 minutes every night; you should see improvements in a couple of weeks.

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