Busted! 5 myths about fitness you still believe to be true

myths about fitness
Information travels freely in the modern world and with it a lot of misconceptions and mix-ups. How much do you really know about diet and exercise, and how much of it is in fact true? Find out below with the 5 most common myths about fitness and staying in shape.

1. Muscle fever is a good sign

Most people take muscle soreness to mean that they did a good job, but it is in fact a sign that you are not in shape or that you overstrained yourself. If you’re just starting out, pace yourself and increase the intensity gradually, until your body becomes accustomed to physical effort. Your muscles need time to recover, so give yourself a one day break between workout sessions.

2. The more you sweat, the more you burn

Sweat is simply the body’s reaction to heat, as inflicted by hot temperatures, fever or physical activity. When you workout, your heartbeat and body temperature increase, so your body tries to cool itself down. But keep in mind that the more you sweat, the more you’ll need to hydrate, to restore the water balance in your body.

3. Ab crunches will get you a slimmer waist

Crunches are good for toning and defining ab muscles, but they hardly help you burn fat, because there’s next to no cardio activity involved. Also, if you want to burn fat from a specific area, you can only do so by losing weight overall. You can achieve this with plenty of cardio exercises and a healthy balanced diet.

4. You can “burn” cellulite away

Cellulite is more than just “fat pockets” under your skin, it’s basically a deformation in the collagen layers, and sadly enough, little can be done to actually realistically and permanently get rid of it. Losing weight and toning your muscles will however make your skin appear smoother, thus dampening the orange peel appearance. An active lifestyle and a healthy diet may also play a role in preventing cellulite.

5. Drinking gallons of water will make you lose weight

Drinking an adequate amount of water is essential for your body to function properly, especially when it comes to your kidneys which are responsible for flushing out the toxins from your system. It also keeps your skin smooth, your hair shiny and it takes care of your tissues and internal organs. But you won’t lose weight by turning yourself into a water fountain.

Drinking too much water (more than 5 litres a day) may in fact encourage water retention and make you feel bloated, which will make you look heavier than you actually are.

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