Bottoms up! 5 unexpected research-confirmed health benefits of beer

health benefits of beer
Believe it or not, beer does more than getting you buzzed and bloated. Researches have been looking into the possible benefits of beer for some time now, and the results they came up with may surprise you, but it turns out drinking a beer every now and then is actually good for you!

Rich in nutrients

Beer contains a wide range of essential amino acids, minerals, such as phosphorus, iodine, magnesium and potassium, being also rich in calcium. To this point, a study performed in 2009 by researchers from the Tufts University in the US, revealed that moderate beer consumption strengthens bone mineral density.

In order to make the most of its qualities, researchers recommend unpasteurized beer, because the pasteurization process reduces its nutritional value by removing “live” components. Moreover, unfiltered beer is the best choice, because filtrating destroys the yeast content in beer, which is loaded with vitamins from the B complex.

Low sugar

Whereas a can of coke contains about 7 teaspoons of sugar, and a similar amount of orange juice, 6 teaspoons of sugar, 250 ml of beer only contain one teaspoon of sugar. Furthermore, beer is 93% water, which makes it have higher hydrating qualities.

Considering its low sugar content, moderate beer consumption prevents diabetes. Based on a 2010 study, performed on a group of 38.000 men from the U.S.A., it was established that those who consumed 1-2 glasses of beer a day for 4 years had a 25% lower risk to develop type 2 diabetes.

Prevents Alzheimer’s

Although beer is usually associated with memory loss when consumed in excess, British researchers have found that the most popular alcoholic drink may be able to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

This condition, associated with elevated aluminium levels in the blood stream, could be prevented through a moderate intake of beer, due to its organic silicone content, which reduces the amount of aluminium in the body.

According to a 2008 study, published in the Food and Chemical Toxicology magazine, silicone reduced the absorption of aluminium in the digestive tract and slowed down its accumulation in the brain tissue and the rest of the body.

Beer should however be consumed in moderation, because studies have shown signs of memory loss in people drinking up to 2 pints a day.

Natural hair conditioner

The hops used in beer manufacturing are rich in silicates, which gives hair shine, volume and strengthens the roots.

For a natural, homemade hair conditioner, experts recommend boiling the beer first, until the alcohol is evaporated, and the mixing the remaining liquid with olive or coconut oil.

Regulates hormonal imbalances

Researchers have discovered that the phytoestrogens in hops – oestrogen-like compounds, which are naturally found in various plants and vegetables – contribute to alleviating hot flashes and other menopause-specific symptoms.

Also owing to the hop content, beer has aphrodisiac and relaxing properties, which improve one’s mood and libido. But remember the golden rule: “Everything in moderation”. You can always have too much of a good thing, so make sure you consume beer responsibly. Also, drink plenty of water with your beer, because, as we all know too well, beer tends to cause dehydration.

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