Beauty at your fingertips: how to apply your beauty products correctly

apply beauty products correctly
We all like to pamper ourselves from time to time with fragrant creams and refreshing masks, but did you know that you can get better results by applying them correctly? Learn below how you can get the best out of your beauty products.

Eye cream

When applying products in the eye area, you need to be very gentle, because the skin there is quite thin and fragile. Dot the cream or concealer around your eyes and dab it gently until fully absorbed. Always use your ring finger for eye products, because out of all your fingers, it’s the one that applies the least pressure on the sensitive eye area.

Face cream

Whether it’s a day cream, a night cream or a serum, the best way to apply nourishing or moisturizing products to your face is by using your middle and ring fingers, in upward semi-circular movements.

Start off with a small amount of product and add on little by little as you need it, applying light to moderate pressure.This motion mimics an anti-wrinkle effect, stimulating blood flow and giving you that fresh-faced look.

Makeup remover

First off, make sure you choose a gentle makeup remover that doesn’t contain alcohol or irritating agents, and regardless of what the label says, always rinse it off. Dip a cotton pad in the product and gently massage your skin with circular motions; keep going until there are no more makeup traces on your cotton pad.

After you’re done, you can simply rinse off the surplus, or use a cleanser. If your makeup remover already contains surfactants or detergents, you should hold off on the cleanser, to avoid over-drying your skin.

Facial mask

Whether you use a store-bought mask or you make your own, applying it can be difficult and messy. The best way to apply a mask is by using an old makeup brush, one that you’ve thoroughly cleaned, of course. That way you can control the thickness of the layer better and make sure you apply it evenly.


Whether you’re using a BB cream or a day cream with SPF, you need to apply a sufficient amount of product in order to keep your skin protected. If you don’t go swimming or sweat profusely, you don’t need to reapply it throughout the day.

Use a dime-sized amount of product for your face and neck, applying it with brush-like strokes and dabbing motions. Most sunscreens tend to be quite rich in texture, so you may need to apply a bit of translucent setting powder afterwards. Also, especially if you have coloured hair, don’t forget to get a spray or leave-in conditioner with SPF as well.

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